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Helicopter staging location:

High Terrain Helicopter is located at 1675 HWY 3A West, Nelson BC V1L 6Y3, a 4-minute drive from downtown Nelson BC, 6 minutes drive from Nelson Municipal Airport and 8 hours drive from Vancouver airport or an hour and 10 minutes flight from Vancouver Airport to West Kootenay Regional Airport then 27 minutes drive.


Prior to your trip:

  • Lodge custodian will contact you a week in advance for your pre departure procedure.

  • Allowable weight gear/baggage per person- 45lbs; Weigh all your gear prior to arrival to ensure you are not over pack

  • Allowable gear weight per person excludes skis on winter season

  • Your gear will reweigh at staging.

  • If at staging you are over the allowable baggage/gear weight, we will have to make an extra flight, the cost for this is $400.00 CAD (cash only).

  • If you know you are/will be overweight, or just want to take in extra gear, please notify the office by sending us email prior to your flight to decide.


On the day of your trip:

  • You are expected to be at the Heli staging by 8:30 A.M.

  • The custodian will organize the helicopter planning.

  • It is important you are ON TIME and completely organized for the flights. We are not sure about the weather, there may only be a short weather window to allow for the flights, being not organized may cause lost of time and you may not make it into the lodge, and we DO NOT REFUND for any downtime

  • The helicopter is scheduled to land at the staging area at 9:30 a.m.

  • You will be given a helicopter safety briefing once the helicopter has landed and shuts down.

  • no loose objects. Include in your daypack your passport, wallet, etc.

  • On winter season:

    • you should put on your ski/winter clothes with your ski boots on and your daypack packed for a day of skiing.

    • Your skis including straps and cables should be strapped or taped together.

      Your poles could be kept separate from your skis but strapped together.

    • No ski bags.

    • Your daypack, skis and poles will be part of your passenger flight.

    • Snowboards: remove bindings

    • A separate sling load of gear will be weighed out and prepared for the helicopter.

    • If we are not overweight. One pair of extra skis is allowable per flight.

    • We recommend you carry insurance for your self and equipment.



  • you will be given an orientation regarding the use of the facilities.

  • You will be greeted with our staff with refreshing drink on summer and hot drink on winter. 

Contact Us

Phone number: 403 678 6522




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