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Packing guide


Breathe! We're here to help. We've built a detailed packing list to assist you even before you get here.


Lodge Life is one that's relatively informal, and most of the time less is more! Keep in mind, the Helicopter allows 45lbs/ 20kgs per person plus one small carry on. However, additional luggage can be stored with limited space at the Staging Area. 

Heli DayzE

  • Sturdy footwear; hiking or winter boots, season depending! 

  • Hat; Toques/beanies have less of a flight risk off your head.

  • Warm Jacket; season and weather depending! 

  • Long Casual Pants; try to avoid cotton and jean.

  • Snow Pants; optional, but highly recommended in snow.

Seasonal Trips


  • Backpack; 40L would be the MAX recommended.

  • Hats; think summer or winter here, then add your preferences.

  • Mitts/Gloves; it can be cold at our elevation year round.

  • Buff; Buffs can be utilized in all seasons.

  • Layers; think season, elements and elevation here. Check out the Packing Tips tab for more info.

  • Water-proof layers; upper and lower layers, goretex is great!

  • Water-bottle; higher elevations dehydrate you faster, fun fact!

  • Sunglasses; as much as you want to be, you are not stronger than the sun.

  • Sunscreen; ^^^


  • Hiking Boots; no Nikes, sorry not sorry!

  • Gaiters; useful.

  • Jackets; for wind, sun, and warmth.

  • Bear Spray OPTIONAL; if you choose to bring it, PACK IT SEPARATELY, we want this OUTSIDE of the Heli!


  • Warm Boots; Sorel Boots are a good example. 

  • Jackets; Winter jacket, warmth and waterproof.

  • Hand/Foot Warmers; pack in, pack out!

  • Snow Pants; we are on the Powder Highway...

  • Helmet & Goggles; if skiing or riding is the objective.

  • Your Planks; whether it's skis or your splitboard, ride the Powder here!

  • Optional; spare ski/board parts are recommended. 


  • Sleeping clothes; please leave the birthday suit at home!

  • Comfy clothes; whatever casual Lodge attire looks like to you!

  • Bathing Suit; when the sauna gets in, you'll want to too.

  • Optional; camera, alarm clock, electronics, chargers...

  • Book; keep it light, your copy of Lord of The Rings is likely too much.

  • Reminder; choose your luxury item wisely... the weight limit for the Heli is 40lbs.

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