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DWL Policies


assumption of risk

In any backcountry setting, there is inherent risk. The activities associated with the DWL are not excluded from this. Therefore it is required to sign the Waiver prior to boarding the Helicopter. There will be NO refunds granted for last minute refusal to sign the Waiver. 


booking & cancelation


  • The Initial Deposit is required at the time of the booking to secure the Lodge.

  • The Final Payment is due 90 days prior to your trip start date.

  • Forms for dietary needs, medical/health conditions and other essential information will be sent out in the Pre-Trip Package and expected to be returned with correct and complete information 30 days PRIOR to trip start date.* 

  • Manual card payments are subject to an additional service fee when booking. Cheques and e-tranfers are exempt*

  • If you are wondering if your child can join you, give our office a call. But please note, there is NO daycare service through the DWL.

  • Exchange Rates will be applied to foreign funds (outside of Canada) at the current rate of exchange at time of payment. 


  • DWL reserves the right to cancel trips due to insufficient bookings, refunds or trip credits will be offered in this scenario. 

  • Please purchase Cancellation Insurance, it makes everything so easy when the situation isn't! 

*Note: for any falsified or withheld medical information resulting in death or injury, Dehghan Wilderness Lodge and Hired Guides will not be held accountable. 

Note: e-tranfers not available for booking.



There may be Flight Delays due to uncontrollable events such as but not limited to; weather and outside emergencies. Guest flights might be delayed flying in or out. Please plan your inbound and outbound travel accordingly. The DWL is NOT responsible for additional costs with possible delays in getting into the DWL due to adverse flight conditions. 


In the unlikely event of an emergency and evacuation is needed, our office will be contacted and call Search and Rescue to conduct the rescue procedure. A guest that elects to leave the Lodge for non medical will be responsible for all associated costs. Our office can help you arrange your early exit.  


Lodge keeper & guides

The Lodge comes equip with Lodge Keepers. They work hard to keep the Lodge running, and helping to make the experience one you won't soon forget. They also keep in communication with the office. Some take on double duty and Guide as well. Regardless of the shape they take, they are sure to make your trip unforgettable. 

Gratuities for the Lodge Keepers and Guides are not included in the trip price and are appreciated! Tipping is entirely at your discretion and can be based on the DWL staff level of professionalism, guest care and service. Cash, cheque and e-transfer are all acceptable options.

Questions? Concerns? We are here to help! Give our office a call to help you feel prepared. 

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